Monday, July 31, 2006

you taste like burger, i don't like you anymore

hi, i'm laura and this is my new blog. i expect i will bore you to death, but at least i'll enjoy doing it.

wisconsin, the land i call home, is currently as hot as the depths of hell and as sticky as sweaty balls. this is not normal and i blame the bastards who cause global warming ie the owners of hummers. i realize that they are not entirely responsible for this worldwide phenomenon, but i must blame someone accessible and somewhat liable. so you rich hummer owner, i blame you. i plan on writing a little ditty for you to the tune of budweiser's real men of genius jingle which celebrates the likes of the chinese food delivery driver and mr. putt putt golf course designer except your song will chastize you for being evil.

i apparently have a lot of angst about the heat. there you have it, i start it out just right with the most boring topic of all time, the weather.