Monday, November 12, 2007

everyone's a little ocd

it's like that song from the musical Avenue Q, Everyone's a little bit Racist... i truly believe everyone's at least a little bit obsessive compulsive. take me for example, i tend to get a little obsessed about checking the course timetable or looking for apartments when i don't even need one for 12 months. i like to use a little obsessed action to procrastinate from what i should be doing. i in no way mean to underestimate how terribly horrible ocd is for those with extreme cases, but i just was thinking about it today and thought i'd throw the idea out into the universe.

last friday my roommate and i trekked down to chicago for an ingrid michaelson concert. it ended up being a great night, but started off dreadfully. we spent an awkwardly long time in the car stopped on the freeway, only to make it to the bar literally 20 seconds before ingrid started singing. we survived though and didn't kill each other in the process. my roommate suggests we get married because surviving a true traffic jam without hating each other afterwards is a true indicator of our compatibility. every engaged couple should have to go through that test together, maybe the rate of divorce would decline. :)

luckily her performance made up for any irritation caused by the drive. she is definitely one of those "even better live" musicians and i was thrilled to see her at such a tiny venue. schubas is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues, but maybe the fact that jonathan coulton plays there when he's in town is a strong factor swaying my opinion of the place. i'm a simple girl, so all the venue needs is a stage and someplace to stand and i'm golden.