Monday, December 29, 2008

wowzer i'm old

i just turned the big 2-4. i realize that's not old in the grand scheme of things, but still... it feels different. i survived the holidays, lots of driving in snow to see family and friends.

the most entertaining moment besides the two very cute baby cousins, i mean nothing beats a cute baby, was my uncle leo. for some reason the conversation always comes back to the jfk assassination with him, yeah one of those people. he likes to go to the dog racing track and talk about government conspiracies. i think that's really all you need to know, lol.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

i am amazed

blogger has amazed me. i presume the email post feature has been available long before i realized it's existence, but still... i am amazed. under settings all you have to do is enter a word to complete the email addy and then you can just publish posts via email. i am pleased and will be back with more ferver due to this revelation. i was previously unable to access my blogger at work, but now there's no limits to my blogging. :)