Friday, May 15, 2009

testing the waters

i love a google gadget... :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

wowzer i'm old

i just turned the big 2-4. i realize that's not old in the grand scheme of things, but still... it feels different. i survived the holidays, lots of driving in snow to see family and friends.

the most entertaining moment besides the two very cute baby cousins, i mean nothing beats a cute baby, was my uncle leo. for some reason the conversation always comes back to the jfk assassination with him, yeah one of those people. he likes to go to the dog racing track and talk about government conspiracies. i think that's really all you need to know, lol.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

i am amazed

blogger has amazed me. i presume the email post feature has been available long before i realized it's existence, but still... i am amazed. under settings all you have to do is enter a word to complete the email addy and then you can just publish posts via email. i am pleased and will be back with more ferver due to this revelation. i was previously unable to access my blogger at work, but now there's no limits to my blogging. :)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

yikes the weekend's already over

i'm kinda bummed out today, almost to the point of heading to youtube and searching for a "babies laughing at dogs" video. i'm thinking i need a new job, well i don't think... i know. and possibly a drastic change of scene. so wish me well in my search for new jobs, new places... and whatever else i need.

i watched the first 4 episodes of my boys on tbs today, and it's worth your time if you're a lady. jim gaffigan, regardless of his dopey demeanor, makes me laugh. i miss campus ladies dreadfully, and i plan on trying to find an old episode to watch later. i also found the movie red dawn due to the discussion on it on on hold, and the first 10 minutes are proving to be hilarious and amazingly propaganda like. 1984 was a good year for movies. always classy.

i only got out to summerfest one day this year, i need to make a more valiant effort next year. but the madison roots festival is in august. g. love, natty nation and the john butler trio will be there, so i'll hopefully fill my music festival quota somehow.

i'm moving to the new digs in less than a month, but it already feels like i'm living alone. i wish i could just move already, it's looming in my mind. i started sorting out things to get rid of pre-packing and it's giving me a heart attack.

also if you find robots endearing, wall-e will warm your heart... and if you like old musicals you will be especially pleased by the soundtrack. i suggest it.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

hey people!

I love Ingrid Michaelson. Her concert here in Madison, WI Saturday night was fantastic as always. I love that musicians who can actually sing and use their music to showcase their true talent actually survive in the business, that also shells out music that may as well be instrumental. She has great onstage presence. We were right up front and when my roommates bf made a farting noise in response to something my roommate said she spontaneously sang a song about farting while sleeping, now that's what I call a good show. Check her out if you haven't already!

If you are prone to enjoy cute sitcoms and worry about what you might watch this summer, also def check out My Boys on TBS. A great cast of characters and cute none the less. It's more for the ladies, but I'm sure guys would appreciate the layout of the show and topics. One lady sports writer and her group of guys friends in charming, entertaining half hour spurts.

And Jordan, Jesse Go!, a new-to-me podcast that is seemingly wonderful in all ways, might just make you smile. My lovely sister referred it to me for the ever entertaining beard discussion on episode 62 and they won me over immediately.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

two jobs? son of a motherless goat!

so here i am graduated and finding myself with two job offers. neither thrill me, but it's nice to know i have options. i have to decide by tomorrow which job to go with... and almost everyone has an opinion on which to choose, except for me. wish me luck on the "making the right decision" front.

in my recent free time i've discovered how much awesome music i missed out on while being studious. my friend/roommate has gotten me stuck on her music faves (ingrid michaelson, rosie thomas, joshua radin etc), but as a lover of weezer and foo fighters it's hard to stick to soft acoustic all the time.

most recently i've found the thermals' album the body, the blood, the machine. it's got some great hooks and the theme of modern religion makes the album stick out. i enjoyed listening to it all the way through and that's my favorite kind of album, one that pieces songs together to make something more than just good songs. i think that's why i love musical soundtracks so much too... it's nice to get a story or bigger idea from a set of songs.

Monday, November 12, 2007

everyone's a little ocd

it's like that song from the musical Avenue Q, Everyone's a little bit Racist... i truly believe everyone's at least a little bit obsessive compulsive. take me for example, i tend to get a little obsessed about checking the course timetable or looking for apartments when i don't even need one for 12 months. i like to use a little obsessed action to procrastinate from what i should be doing. i in no way mean to underestimate how terribly horrible ocd is for those with extreme cases, but i just was thinking about it today and thought i'd throw the idea out into the universe.

last friday my roommate and i trekked down to chicago for an ingrid michaelson concert. it ended up being a great night, but started off dreadfully. we spent an awkwardly long time in the car stopped on the freeway, only to make it to the bar literally 20 seconds before ingrid started singing. we survived though and didn't kill each other in the process. my roommate suggests we get married because surviving a true traffic jam without hating each other afterwards is a true indicator of our compatibility. every engaged couple should have to go through that test together, maybe the rate of divorce would decline. :)

luckily her performance made up for any irritation caused by the drive. she is definitely one of those "even better live" musicians and i was thrilled to see her at such a tiny venue. schubas is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues, but maybe the fact that jonathan coulton plays there when he's in town is a strong factor swaying my opinion of the place. i'm a simple girl, so all the venue needs is a stage and someplace to stand and i'm golden.