Sunday, December 17, 2006

study break: bowling style

i am a student, yes that is true and yet i refuse to accept that fact. i have three papers and a final in the next four days. and yesterday i went bowling and to a movie. i claim that it was a "study break", but i haven't really made much progress in that field so far. my best friend from high school was in town, so it was a great excuse to get away from procrastinating at home. i just couldn't resist, so kim, angie, kate and i headed to badger bowl for a fun-filled evening of bowling and debauchery. none of us can actually bowl very well, but kim is usually the worst. so everyone can expect to feel better about themselves after seeing how terribly she bowls, but this was not the case last night. she frickin won both games and at one point got three strikes in a row. wtf, kim. that was ridiculous. (note the pic is of kim bowling at a diff time and place, but we had no camera to procure evidence of her insane bowling skills last night) after kim mopped the floor with us, we unanimously decided to catch a showing of Borat. entertaining (especially after having a few at the bar and being in the posession of flasks), but definitely what i expected. i could probably watch it again, but i really don't need to own it. i really enjoy ali g and sacha cohen in general, but there were a couple times i couldn't get past the political incorrectness of it all. but there was some funny shit. literally... haha not really, but there is literal shit. i was surprised that the audience was quite large considering how long it's already been in the theaters, but i guess all those lawsuits gave them a little more publicity. i loved seeing the film after i knew which parts were real, unstaged footage. those college boys are such douche bags, more like a frickin ocean of douche.

Monday, December 11, 2006

i miss tv

so its only been half a week since all the fall tv finales occured, but i'm already sad about the winter tv break. i must be an addict and only made for tv christmas movies can curb my cravings. tonight was his and her christmas. the lamest so far, it seemed promising, starring christopher from gilmore girls, but was quite terrible. while watching i made dirt cake which took much longer than expected... and i'm not even done yet. my classmates best love me for it. we're having a potluck dinner tomorrow for the last session of class, i probably should have just bought something like a sane person.

yikes it's late, i should go to sleep, so that i can wake up and finish the dirt cake before the week of madness begins. last week of class before finals = the worst week of the year.

why must everything be due at once? :(

Saturday, December 09, 2006

oh dear

my roommate and i just watched the hallmark original movie "single santa seeks mrs. claus" starring the lady from wings (tv show) and the one, the only... steven guttenberg. just another holiday movie that is terrible enough to love. note that during the last scene my roommate remarked "i just creeped myself out for thinking steven guttenberg looked hot in that santa suit". i can't believe how old he looked, now i really want to watch a three men and a baby or little lady. made for tv holiday movies will get me through finals if nothing else will. speaking of movies, the screening of indiana jones was fantastic, but now i feel the urge to watch temple of doom and the last crusade. ah such if the life of a procrastinating college student.

and we found an apartment! it's very big and open (for all our raging parties). it's a little bit farther from campus, but too good to pass up. i'm excited to have nikki back as a roommate and relive the good ol' days in liz waters (the hell hole of a dorm we lived in freshman year, well i mean it was nice, but all girls and that will never do)

i've learned after looking for apartments the past couple weeks that boys are dirty. i never really thought anything of it, but i now understand how a community of men somehow makes everything gross, even if they are all not individually gross people. don't get me wrong, i'm not a neat freak at all. i think i'm actually pretty messy in general, but it's extremely obvious which apartments are lived in by boys only. they tend to smell oddly (normally of beer/weed) and have questionable items floating in their sinks. how does this happen? i'm not really sure, but it's almost ridiculous enough to be amazing.

Friday, December 08, 2006

go elf yourself

I was just listening to Flight of the Conchords again and I want everyone to enjoy them as much as I do. I'm not sure if that's possible, but check out the song Jenny.

Also check this, a 35mm screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark is happening on Saturday at westgate theatres and i'm totally there. It's a fundraiser for a UW student who has lots of medical bills from a stroke, so everybody should come out (as if indy wasn't enough to get you out of your house). Last night angie sent kim an elf yourself link and if you want something silly to watch here it is... kim on elf yourself. sometimes silly gets you through the day.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bubba is a reindeer! I realize that this is extremely mean, but look at him, he's sooo cute.

5 degrees, but feels like -13

why do i live here again? oh yeah, the cheese. it's been a while and i essentially don't want to relive the past month, so i'm not gonna tell you about it. you can make it up for yourself and it will probably be more entertaining than the real thing.

tonight there was a rockapella concert and it was awesome. almost all holiday music, but still lovely. i can't resist any concert good or bad and rockapella is always great. i'm lookin forward to a high school production of joseph this weekend that's bound to go terribly wrong. sometimes being terrible is so much more entertaining than being mediocre.

yesterday kim and i spent literally an hour going through all the christmas tv movies that were on the tivo schedule. we have 17 set to record as of now. including one starring Neil Patrick Harris and approx. 3 starring Steve Guttenberg (that's just how we do). they are just one more way to procrastinate from doing actual work, but hey it's christmas! and it's sooo cold.

pop culture shock is turning 40 next week and i want to think of something clever to do, but all these term papers are sucking all creativity and brain juices from my mind. now for more reserach, wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

oh texas

so thursday i'm off to texas and i'm not really sure how i feel about that. my choir is doing a small tour in texas and louisiana. the piece we are performing was written after hurricane katrina and i guess we are going to sing for some of the refugees (do you think they like being called refugees? that kind of weirds me out) my predictions include missing at least one flight and getting stuck in a small texas town where someone will have to win a karaoke competition at the local watering hole to pay for the bus to get fixed (if only i lived in a movie). gots to go or i'll be late for class and that's just not cool.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

i'm so sweet, slugworth stole me

sometimes when i listen to pinkerton, i fall in love with rivers cuomo.

ah! halloween is next weekend already and there are many preparations to be made. here in madison, halloween is a huge deal, huge. thousands of students from around wisconsin/the midwest come to our campus and get schwasted. this year the police have come up with the brilliant idea to fence in state street, the pedestrian area, where most students go on halloween weekend. their plan makes absolutely no sense because only chump out of towners will purchase such tickets created by "the man" and as i see it: fences + drunk people = imminent death. give me five dollars, so you can get squished and trapped in a fenced-in area. yeah, that sounds like tons o fun. it's a crazy time, hopefully i'll get some nice pics and post em.

i want everyone in the world to see this clip from the colbert report... it's my favorite, i love a man who can harmonize or even attempts to. fast forward to 5 minutes, it will be worth your while. :) dance with me

friday night

friday night i went to the badger men's hockey game. when angie asked me on saturday who won, i couldn't remember. that's how drunk i was. i knew we were tied and went into overtime, but the final score was one of those bits of information lost. we then went out to the bars and there really isn't a way to some up the night, but to give you a little idea i think this glimpse might help. at the bar i met a friend of a friend and she asked me to tell her a story. so i did and this is my friend nicole's summary of my story...

"And I want to climb up a ladder and there's a "huh hahhh huh" and I want to climb up the ladder. And your friends go left, but you go right. And you can hear your friends getting decapitated. You keep running through the corn and you hit corn with your face. And then you come to a well, and you fall in and break your hip. And this man with hot scruff comes to rescue you. Then he's a medicine man and he heals you. You go back to the well to get water with a bucket, and you throw your bucket down and an orange and purple gremlin comes out.

WHAT IS THE END OF THE STORY YOU WHORE! You cant just end it like that."

my story telling skills basically speak for themselves, lol. please note that no story is complete without arm/body gestures, so you'll have to imagine that.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

the grocery store

i just spent way too long in a grocery store that was too large to exist. how can there be so many kinds of sauces? wtf, i would rather have one kind so my brain doesn't explode trying to think about which frickin salad dressing to get. by the end i had forgotten where we parked, but luckily my sister drove so that wasn't my responsibility. grocery stores are becoming as creepy as malls. boo. but you can't be that mad at a place that clearly labels where the brats are, just another reason why i love wisconsin.

i want to see the departed soo bad. damn it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

dang doogie howser is fine

dude neil patrick harris is lookin fine, why does he have to be so gay? never in a million years would i have predicted this transformation from the slightly endearing sometimes irritating kid doctor to the extremely hot gay man. no wonder dr. will from big brother idolizes him.

why is it that whenever i have to present or speak in front of a class i have a freak out. i'm normally the person irrational enough to say what they think, but there i am standing in front of not even 20 people and i suddenly become that fumbling, insecure girl who you wish would just stop talking. maybe it was just the super hot polish kid distracting me from the task at hand or maybe it was the subject, i mean who really wants to talk about the perpetrators of the Holocaust. regardless of what it was i hope i get over it because that was basically the worst feeling ever. the idea that someone could assume what i'm like by that terrible incident makes me feel sick.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

football at night is my favorite

tonight on the way to casa bianca's, our favorite late night pizza parlor, we officially christened my badger football. it took way too long for that football to be used properly, but i'm glad it occured in the way of drunken debauchery.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

snow and some of my other favorite things

it snowed on october 12. i love wisconsin. last week on snl the musical guest was corinne bailey rae and... i love her. i'm not sure if it's just the mood i'm in, but her music is very relaxing. i also watched friends with money, it's a a kind of recent jennifer aniston movie. i didn't expect much, so i was pleased. i'm not sure if i would suggest it to anyone, but i like it when characters don't know what they're doing in life because that's how i feel. i love movies. last night i went to the badger hockey game and out to the bars, well just one bar. mark tauscher was at the bar and if you don't know, he's a green bay packer and i love him by default. i also love beer, so it was a good night. :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

there's no one in the place cept you and me

so it's 3:22. i didn't go the bars although i wish i had, but fell asleep reading and was awoken by my roommate and the hooligans that roll with her. they're not actually hooligans and i don't mind waking up, but now i can't fall asleep again, boo. and being on the fringe of a drunk conversation isn't as thrilling as it sounds. so now i must read to trick my mind into slumber.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

it's raining, you dirty dog

sometimes the fact that i am a college student with no vehicle that must walk everywhere is sweet. it's nice to be outside and i like walking on campus and getting some good quality people watching time in the process. some of these kids, i mean what are you wearing. but please keep doing it just to entertain me. and then there are times like these, when rain is pouring down and there's no way an umbrella will even protect your jeans from getting completely drenched after walking for 15 minutes. it blows... so hard.

angie is such an enabler. she keeps making me watch these tv shows, hoping i'll get addicted. not that i don't love tv, but i really don't think i have time to watch all these shows. i do have class and as a undergrad at uw-madison, i'm essentially required to drink as much as possible at any time.

something quirky and entertaining is coming to madison this weekend. a while back my sister told me about Leslie and the Lys, a band fronted by this chubby white girl who wears gold spandex pants and bedazzled sweaters. She apparently raps and is just this extreme character. sounds crazy/entertaining to me and she is coming to madison at the high noon saloon on saturday night. i might just have to attend.

and limbeck is playing at the terrace on friday, but i'm totally bummed out because we have a drinking jenga party planned for that evening. note: if anyone hasn't heard of drinking jenga, please play it, it's extremely fun

Saturday, September 30, 2006

mmmm pancakes

sometimes i give myself panic attacks for no reason. i start to worry about everything in the world and come to the conclusion that i will never be able to solve any problems in my lifetime. i worry largely in part for myself, but basically for anyone and everyone i know. right now i'm worrying for myself and my inability to decide what the hell to do with the rest of my life. i dread the inevitable office related job that sucks out your soul. who wants to have a job? i'd rather just walk dogs.

now is time for pancakes.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

and so it is, just like you said it would be

the hockey line officially started, i am officially not in it and i'm totally ok with that. now if only angie would back down from the whole "omg guys i want to podcast in the hockey line!!" craze. not that i don't enjoy podcasting, i love it, but i'm not sure if i'm ready for a live audience of 20 people who have been living outside for days. i just don't think they'll be quite so happy to hear us ramble about pop culture and ourselves... but than again you never can tell.

i survived my first midterm and fall tv has begun. i fear that if i list what tv shows i watch, i will feel bad about my tv addiction, so let's just say i watch a lot.

Monday, September 25, 2006

you son of a motherless goat

i love three amigos. on hold podcast mentioned this classy line and now i can't wait to watch it again. sometimes a little steve martin is needed. i am ill and i just called in to work, i should really finish reading for my class or study for my mid term tomorrow, but we all know that's not gonna happen.

this week is gonna be ruff stuff. i have a mid term tomorrow, a paper due thursday and the hockey line is this week. for those of you not aware, the hockey line is hell on earth. you go out in groups of up to four and stay in line 24 hours a day until they give you the actual tickets on saturday morning. so being sick is not working this week.

kim and i started watching dinotopia (wentworth miller of prison break is in it) and it is terrible, but i love it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

hey dude

it's a little wild and a little strange, when you make your home out on the range...
that theme song is in my head and i hope that it is now in yours. last week was so intense. my mom and i ventured to ny for approx 24 hours to see my big sis in her new york stage debut, i got food poisoning, i went to my first packer game, i saw talladega nights and i saw snakes on a plane. all things that are wonderful, but all in a row made me almost die. now i must sleep.

more stories later, but for now here's a quote (the quote of the week)

a man on his cell phone in the middle of the lambeau's parking lot:
"dude fred, it's not my fault you're drunk and stupid and don't know where we are. dude, i'm by the car, if you weren't so drunk and stupid you would know where that is."

Sunday, August 06, 2006

dreams of a full size bed on the ground

i am very sad to see my friend/roommate angie move out next week, but i think the prospect of not sleeping on a loft for the first time in three years is sooo exciting. it's only a week and a half til our two roommates move out and then it'll be just kim and i, livin like rockstars. this weekend was o to the c. (note: sorry if you didn't know, but i love me some popular phrases even if they were never in style or are no longer, such as ridin the salt truck and oh snap)

the weekend was one huge juxtaposition. last friday = the drunkest night i have ever had without combusting. it was a fabulous time and although i do remember the events of the night, i did think that some parts were from my dreams the next morning and i did wake up on the kitchen floor (with my blanket and pillow thanks to kim). the night was definately worth the psychadelic car trip to beaver dam the next day (yes, beaver dam). then i spent saturday and sunday preparing for and singing at kim's church in her home town. so many old people, so many nice people. it was nice and i love to sing and it was nice to have a little down time for my liver. we arrived back today and i took a ridiculously long nap, but it was a great nap.

such is my life during the summer, now i must consider watching ghost dog: way of the samurai again. i am in a film class and this film is the mandatory subject of our final paper. i'm not sure how i feel about it, but i must analyze some element of style by thursday. wish me luck.

Monday, July 31, 2006

you taste like burger, i don't like you anymore

hi, i'm laura and this is my new blog. i expect i will bore you to death, but at least i'll enjoy doing it.

wisconsin, the land i call home, is currently as hot as the depths of hell and as sticky as sweaty balls. this is not normal and i blame the bastards who cause global warming ie the owners of hummers. i realize that they are not entirely responsible for this worldwide phenomenon, but i must blame someone accessible and somewhat liable. so you rich hummer owner, i blame you. i plan on writing a little ditty for you to the tune of budweiser's real men of genius jingle which celebrates the likes of the chinese food delivery driver and mr. putt putt golf course designer except your song will chastize you for being evil.

i apparently have a lot of angst about the heat. there you have it, i start it out just right with the most boring topic of all time, the weather.