Saturday, October 14, 2006

snow and some of my other favorite things

it snowed on october 12. i love wisconsin. last week on snl the musical guest was corinne bailey rae and... i love her. i'm not sure if it's just the mood i'm in, but her music is very relaxing. i also watched friends with money, it's a a kind of recent jennifer aniston movie. i didn't expect much, so i was pleased. i'm not sure if i would suggest it to anyone, but i like it when characters don't know what they're doing in life because that's how i feel. i love movies. last night i went to the badger hockey game and out to the bars, well just one bar. mark tauscher was at the bar and if you don't know, he's a green bay packer and i love him by default. i also love beer, so it was a good night. :)

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