Tuesday, October 17, 2006

dang doogie howser is fine

dude neil patrick harris is lookin fine, why does he have to be so gay? never in a million years would i have predicted this transformation from the slightly endearing sometimes irritating kid doctor to the extremely hot gay man. no wonder dr. will from big brother idolizes him.

why is it that whenever i have to present or speak in front of a class i have a freak out. i'm normally the person irrational enough to say what they think, but there i am standing in front of not even 20 people and i suddenly become that fumbling, insecure girl who you wish would just stop talking. maybe it was just the super hot polish kid distracting me from the task at hand or maybe it was the subject, i mean who really wants to talk about the perpetrators of the Holocaust. regardless of what it was i hope i get over it because that was basically the worst feeling ever. the idea that someone could assume what i'm like by that terrible incident makes me feel sick.

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