Wednesday, October 04, 2006

it's raining, you dirty dog

sometimes the fact that i am a college student with no vehicle that must walk everywhere is sweet. it's nice to be outside and i like walking on campus and getting some good quality people watching time in the process. some of these kids, i mean what are you wearing. but please keep doing it just to entertain me. and then there are times like these, when rain is pouring down and there's no way an umbrella will even protect your jeans from getting completely drenched after walking for 15 minutes. it blows... so hard.

angie is such an enabler. she keeps making me watch these tv shows, hoping i'll get addicted. not that i don't love tv, but i really don't think i have time to watch all these shows. i do have class and as a undergrad at uw-madison, i'm essentially required to drink as much as possible at any time.

something quirky and entertaining is coming to madison this weekend. a while back my sister told me about Leslie and the Lys, a band fronted by this chubby white girl who wears gold spandex pants and bedazzled sweaters. She apparently raps and is just this extreme character. sounds crazy/entertaining to me and she is coming to madison at the high noon saloon on saturday night. i might just have to attend.

and limbeck is playing at the terrace on friday, but i'm totally bummed out because we have a drinking jenga party planned for that evening. note: if anyone hasn't heard of drinking jenga, please play it, it's extremely fun

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