Sunday, October 22, 2006

i'm so sweet, slugworth stole me

sometimes when i listen to pinkerton, i fall in love with rivers cuomo.

ah! halloween is next weekend already and there are many preparations to be made. here in madison, halloween is a huge deal, huge. thousands of students from around wisconsin/the midwest come to our campus and get schwasted. this year the police have come up with the brilliant idea to fence in state street, the pedestrian area, where most students go on halloween weekend. their plan makes absolutely no sense because only chump out of towners will purchase such tickets created by "the man" and as i see it: fences + drunk people = imminent death. give me five dollars, so you can get squished and trapped in a fenced-in area. yeah, that sounds like tons o fun. it's a crazy time, hopefully i'll get some nice pics and post em.

i want everyone in the world to see this clip from the colbert report... it's my favorite, i love a man who can harmonize or even attempts to. fast forward to 5 minutes, it will be worth your while. :) dance with me

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