Sunday, October 22, 2006

friday night

friday night i went to the badger men's hockey game. when angie asked me on saturday who won, i couldn't remember. that's how drunk i was. i knew we were tied and went into overtime, but the final score was one of those bits of information lost. we then went out to the bars and there really isn't a way to some up the night, but to give you a little idea i think this glimpse might help. at the bar i met a friend of a friend and she asked me to tell her a story. so i did and this is my friend nicole's summary of my story...

"And I want to climb up a ladder and there's a "huh hahhh huh" and I want to climb up the ladder. And your friends go left, but you go right. And you can hear your friends getting decapitated. You keep running through the corn and you hit corn with your face. And then you come to a well, and you fall in and break your hip. And this man with hot scruff comes to rescue you. Then he's a medicine man and he heals you. You go back to the well to get water with a bucket, and you throw your bucket down and an orange and purple gremlin comes out.

WHAT IS THE END OF THE STORY YOU WHORE! You cant just end it like that."

my story telling skills basically speak for themselves, lol. please note that no story is complete without arm/body gestures, so you'll have to imagine that.

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