Saturday, March 17, 2007

Too Gone for Too Long

i wanted to remark about how i haven't posted in a while and that immediately came to my head. they are lyrics from one of my favorite songs by randy travis. i love randy travis. surprised? i believe it stems from the five-year-old version of me prancing around on our living room furniture singing along to his album always & forever (thank you miles and miles of family video tape). i know every song by heart and i love it. i have my parents' strange, eclectic taste in music to thank. when you have lps of randy travis, weird al yankovic, queen, ladysmith balck mambazo, the beach boys and so many more at your finger tips you start to realize how wonderful different genres of music are.

we are about to leave for a st. patty's day celebration that will include a visit to a townie bar where angie's pop's band Johnny Alibi and the Excuse will play some classic tunes. yes, that is their name and yes, it is very hilarious. i love bar bands almost as much as i love karaoke bars. they are a quality act and it should be tons of fun with all the st. patrick's day hooligans about. i never realized how excited people get around here for st. patty's, we love our irish ancestry and we love to wear lots of green (my roommate is currently waiting for some green eyeshadow to compliment her green earrings, green shirt and green headband). i'm not sure if i am allowed to wear my "i'm hungary for turkey" shirt, but it's green and will have to do. i'm sure the bar goers won't mind, i mean, today is really just another reason to enjoy one of wisconsin's favorite foods. beer.

Friday, March 09, 2007

that was frickin sweet

last night my roomie and i went to see the cold war kids, tokyo police club and delta spirit at a small venue here in madison, wi. it was frickin awesome.

first of all, i love the venue. the annex is dirty and small and just love it. and when i say small, i mean it's definitely one of those venues where the band members come out and watch the other bands play which is always entertaining to say the least. i love that the stage is so close to any place you stand and that the bar is located close enough to hear the music. it also has pretty nice bathrooms near the stage which is always a plus.

my roomie and i left a little late due to preshow drinking and a slow gettin' ready time, so we only caught the last one and half songs of delta spirit. they sounded great though, i hadn't listened to them before, so maybe i'll check out their myspace or something.

tokyo police club was full of energy. the participatory crowd hand clapping and use of tambourines, yes tambourines plural (which at one point the keyboardist and guitarist threw back and forth to each other, it was amazing) made the set even more upbeat and awesome. there songs are filled with adrenaline and that definitely came through in the live performance. thankfully this did not lead to crazy dancing, as one might expect. everyone just danced politely within their own space which was nice considering the fact that i could have been knocked over easily (due to the alcohol i had consumed).

it was at this point that my roomie and i decided it is unfair that boys look ever so hot when all sweaty and dirty and girls look gross. how can this be? construction workers and rock stars are always dirty and dripping sweat, but they are the hottest categories of men in the world. it was extremely hot with all the body heat being produced near the stage, so we decided to watch cold war kids from the side by the bar.

the cold war kids were great as expected. like tokyo police club their music is filled with adrenaline, but it is of a much more chill vibe. i love the singer's voice and their live performance was sweet. we watched from the side so we were able to see other audience members' faces as we watched the show and i think that may have been the most entertaining part of the evening. i am a fan of people watching in general and concerts reveal many peoples' little ticks and such. we also saw a couple older audience members (old men? why are you here?) and one looked like rev. camden from 7th Heaven, totally in a freaky way.

it was a great concert and a great night, i'm hoping more fab bands come to the annex. it's a good time.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Be a Pepper

Wow this week is like a whirlwind. I need to take some time to sleep at some point. American Idol last night was a total downer. It was bad bad bad. Gah, I hope we don’t see the likes of season 3 happening. Gross. It makes me wanna go back and watch the old ones to see if everyone was so terrible then too. Maybe I was blinded by the shiny package of idol. All I know for sure is that last night’s performances were terrible.

I’ve been drowning in a sea of historical readings about female moral authority in the 1870s, so if you need to know anything about that I’m your lady or female moral authority. Haha, those crazy temperance union members.

Do you remember the band Maroon5 that released an album in 2002 called Songs About Jane that was pretty awesome and unique? Have you notice that they haven’t released an album since then? Yeah, that’s five years and that’s weird, but apparently they’re droppin one on May 22 and I’m pretty pumped. I can’t say it will be great, but I’m in need of some more Adam Levine vocal goodness and the news sources say that the album, overall, will be more danceable. Nice.

Friday, March 02, 2007

sweet mamajama

it's been a while, the podcasts have taken over my life. oh and that whole school thing too. kim and i are in for a busy, busy weekend. we are traveling all over the state of WI to see three different theatrical performances, should be fun times. yesterday there was a monsoon, so the snow is now covered with a layer of ice. walking is like a dangerous sport.

i'm really excited for the cold war kids concert next week. i love that madison has small venues, it's gonna be great. well, i'm actually sitting in lecture right now, so i should probably go. oh us history.