Friday, March 02, 2007

sweet mamajama

it's been a while, the podcasts have taken over my life. oh and that whole school thing too. kim and i are in for a busy, busy weekend. we are traveling all over the state of WI to see three different theatrical performances, should be fun times. yesterday there was a monsoon, so the snow is now covered with a layer of ice. walking is like a dangerous sport.

i'm really excited for the cold war kids concert next week. i love that madison has small venues, it's gonna be great. well, i'm actually sitting in lecture right now, so i should probably go. oh us history.


Chappy said...

wtf?! you're going to the CWK concert! damnit. I mean have fun; I'm just annoyed. I was supposed to see them last week, but all the little bitches on Craigslist here in SF were pulling a 'make me your best offer' crap. And they ended up going for likr $60 a pop.
aaaargh, i'm so jealous.
Ok, I'll try not to take it out on you. Sorry. Have a great time. You rok :)

Laura said...

oh it's gonna be the shiz. and tokyo police club is opening for them.

i hate biotches who buy and resell tickets for profit. it ruins the whole vibe of shows.