Sunday, December 17, 2006

study break: bowling style

i am a student, yes that is true and yet i refuse to accept that fact. i have three papers and a final in the next four days. and yesterday i went bowling and to a movie. i claim that it was a "study break", but i haven't really made much progress in that field so far. my best friend from high school was in town, so it was a great excuse to get away from procrastinating at home. i just couldn't resist, so kim, angie, kate and i headed to badger bowl for a fun-filled evening of bowling and debauchery. none of us can actually bowl very well, but kim is usually the worst. so everyone can expect to feel better about themselves after seeing how terribly she bowls, but this was not the case last night. she frickin won both games and at one point got three strikes in a row. wtf, kim. that was ridiculous. (note the pic is of kim bowling at a diff time and place, but we had no camera to procure evidence of her insane bowling skills last night) after kim mopped the floor with us, we unanimously decided to catch a showing of Borat. entertaining (especially after having a few at the bar and being in the posession of flasks), but definitely what i expected. i could probably watch it again, but i really don't need to own it. i really enjoy ali g and sacha cohen in general, but there were a couple times i couldn't get past the political incorrectness of it all. but there was some funny shit. literally... haha not really, but there is literal shit. i was surprised that the audience was quite large considering how long it's already been in the theaters, but i guess all those lawsuits gave them a little more publicity. i loved seeing the film after i knew which parts were real, unstaged footage. those college boys are such douche bags, more like a frickin ocean of douche.

Monday, December 11, 2006

i miss tv

so its only been half a week since all the fall tv finales occured, but i'm already sad about the winter tv break. i must be an addict and only made for tv christmas movies can curb my cravings. tonight was his and her christmas. the lamest so far, it seemed promising, starring christopher from gilmore girls, but was quite terrible. while watching i made dirt cake which took much longer than expected... and i'm not even done yet. my classmates best love me for it. we're having a potluck dinner tomorrow for the last session of class, i probably should have just bought something like a sane person.

yikes it's late, i should go to sleep, so that i can wake up and finish the dirt cake before the week of madness begins. last week of class before finals = the worst week of the year.

why must everything be due at once? :(

Saturday, December 09, 2006

oh dear

my roommate and i just watched the hallmark original movie "single santa seeks mrs. claus" starring the lady from wings (tv show) and the one, the only... steven guttenberg. just another holiday movie that is terrible enough to love. note that during the last scene my roommate remarked "i just creeped myself out for thinking steven guttenberg looked hot in that santa suit". i can't believe how old he looked, now i really want to watch a three men and a baby or little lady. made for tv holiday movies will get me through finals if nothing else will. speaking of movies, the screening of indiana jones was fantastic, but now i feel the urge to watch temple of doom and the last crusade. ah such if the life of a procrastinating college student.

and we found an apartment! it's very big and open (for all our raging parties). it's a little bit farther from campus, but too good to pass up. i'm excited to have nikki back as a roommate and relive the good ol' days in liz waters (the hell hole of a dorm we lived in freshman year, well i mean it was nice, but all girls and that will never do)

i've learned after looking for apartments the past couple weeks that boys are dirty. i never really thought anything of it, but i now understand how a community of men somehow makes everything gross, even if they are all not individually gross people. don't get me wrong, i'm not a neat freak at all. i think i'm actually pretty messy in general, but it's extremely obvious which apartments are lived in by boys only. they tend to smell oddly (normally of beer/weed) and have questionable items floating in their sinks. how does this happen? i'm not really sure, but it's almost ridiculous enough to be amazing.

Friday, December 08, 2006

go elf yourself

I was just listening to Flight of the Conchords again and I want everyone to enjoy them as much as I do. I'm not sure if that's possible, but check out the song Jenny.

Also check this, a 35mm screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark is happening on Saturday at westgate theatres and i'm totally there. It's a fundraiser for a UW student who has lots of medical bills from a stroke, so everybody should come out (as if indy wasn't enough to get you out of your house). Last night angie sent kim an elf yourself link and if you want something silly to watch here it is... kim on elf yourself. sometimes silly gets you through the day.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bubba is a reindeer! I realize that this is extremely mean, but look at him, he's sooo cute.

5 degrees, but feels like -13

why do i live here again? oh yeah, the cheese. it's been a while and i essentially don't want to relive the past month, so i'm not gonna tell you about it. you can make it up for yourself and it will probably be more entertaining than the real thing.

tonight there was a rockapella concert and it was awesome. almost all holiday music, but still lovely. i can't resist any concert good or bad and rockapella is always great. i'm lookin forward to a high school production of joseph this weekend that's bound to go terribly wrong. sometimes being terrible is so much more entertaining than being mediocre.

yesterday kim and i spent literally an hour going through all the christmas tv movies that were on the tivo schedule. we have 17 set to record as of now. including one starring Neil Patrick Harris and approx. 3 starring Steve Guttenberg (that's just how we do). they are just one more way to procrastinate from doing actual work, but hey it's christmas! and it's sooo cold.

pop culture shock is turning 40 next week and i want to think of something clever to do, but all these term papers are sucking all creativity and brain juices from my mind. now for more reserach, wish me luck.