Monday, December 11, 2006

i miss tv

so its only been half a week since all the fall tv finales occured, but i'm already sad about the winter tv break. i must be an addict and only made for tv christmas movies can curb my cravings. tonight was his and her christmas. the lamest so far, it seemed promising, starring christopher from gilmore girls, but was quite terrible. while watching i made dirt cake which took much longer than expected... and i'm not even done yet. my classmates best love me for it. we're having a potluck dinner tomorrow for the last session of class, i probably should have just bought something like a sane person.

yikes it's late, i should go to sleep, so that i can wake up and finish the dirt cake before the week of madness begins. last week of class before finals = the worst week of the year.

why must everything be due at once? :(

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