Saturday, December 09, 2006

oh dear

my roommate and i just watched the hallmark original movie "single santa seeks mrs. claus" starring the lady from wings (tv show) and the one, the only... steven guttenberg. just another holiday movie that is terrible enough to love. note that during the last scene my roommate remarked "i just creeped myself out for thinking steven guttenberg looked hot in that santa suit". i can't believe how old he looked, now i really want to watch a three men and a baby or little lady. made for tv holiday movies will get me through finals if nothing else will. speaking of movies, the screening of indiana jones was fantastic, but now i feel the urge to watch temple of doom and the last crusade. ah such if the life of a procrastinating college student.

and we found an apartment! it's very big and open (for all our raging parties). it's a little bit farther from campus, but too good to pass up. i'm excited to have nikki back as a roommate and relive the good ol' days in liz waters (the hell hole of a dorm we lived in freshman year, well i mean it was nice, but all girls and that will never do)

i've learned after looking for apartments the past couple weeks that boys are dirty. i never really thought anything of it, but i now understand how a community of men somehow makes everything gross, even if they are all not individually gross people. don't get me wrong, i'm not a neat freak at all. i think i'm actually pretty messy in general, but it's extremely obvious which apartments are lived in by boys only. they tend to smell oddly (normally of beer/weed) and have questionable items floating in their sinks. how does this happen? i'm not really sure, but it's almost ridiculous enough to be amazing.

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