Saturday, February 24, 2007

blizzard warning


we're trapped indoors, but i'm actually quite content lounging around half studying today. i almost don't mind the fact that another 7 to 14 inches of snow will be accumulating on my car and that i will have to dig it out of the snow bank formed by the plow tomorrow afternoon. well, maybe i mind just a little bit. i love the fact that the blizzard warning (which was much longer, but the ending sentences packed the punch) was in all capital letters just in case you didn't understand that it was a warning.

i hate it when professors allow notes for exams, that just means they expect so much more from your essay than you could ever muster just using your memory for a factual base. i like to bs and when you are allowed an outline, bs doesn't go so far. if they could only take my word that i have learned the information, instead of requiring me to display it in writing.

but i do love my classes this semester and although my reading load is monstrous, it's almost all fascinating material. i feel like i've suddenly become an actual student although i've been here for almost four years, slightly depressing, but also very refreshing and i'm loving it.

i should continue studying, so that i can thoroughly enjoy the oscars tomorrow night. catch ya on the flipside.

or maybe i'll just watch boondock saints.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i'm a terrible citizen

i forgot to vote today. it would be so much easier if the majority of the population would just agree with me... if only.

at least the onion makes a good point, only uglies are at the polling places.

Friday, February 16, 2007

chad vader reigns

blame society films has released the sixth episode of the chad vader series and i just can't get enough. this episode features a special cameo appearance by madison mayor dave cieslewicz. to make access more convenient i'm gonna just post the video here, but for all you chad vader virgins i highly suggest watching all six in order to get the full effect. chad vader is the less successful brother of darth and the series starts out with him as the night shift manager of a local grocery store. the series is filmed in madison, wi and stars many local actors. chad vader has become a youtube sensation and i hope you can see why, it's hilarious.

home sweet home

i'm at the family homestead to celebrate my mum's bday and i'm currently in the process of washing 3 tons of laundry. there is a washing machine in my apartment's basement, but i can't make myself walk outside in the freezing cold to wash my clothes in madison.

do you have netflix? i do and i'm not sure if i'm just completely oblivious to my surroundings or if netflix has stealthily added a new feature. either way, i have just realized that netflix now has a "watch now" section in which you can watch movies online! granted it is only a select few, but i was very impressed. i apparently get 18 hours of watch now time per month and although the selection is limited, i saw several titles that i haven't/want to see. so if you have netflix and like me did not yet discover this feature, rock out. you do have to download some kind of player, but it was really fast and started working right away. the only downfall i have discovered so far is that i have to use internet explorer to use the player. i have become a firefox user, so that is kind of inconvenient.

i also discovered a new podcast, well new to me, called A Way with Words. it is an NPR show. it discusses word meanings and other such grammar nerd topics. i have only listened to the latest episode, but i'm very fond of it. if you are one others call the grammar police or just like learning new nerdy things, i highly suggest it. i especially enjoy the word trio section of the show. i guess my sister called in to the show and i got the name of the podcast from my mom. it is a great cast and like i said, so nerdy and fabulous.

i have to profess my love of one more item, but i think i'll make it a new post.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


i have a lot to be excited about, but i'm totally bummed out. last night was a completely failed attempt at going out in which my roommate and i were ditched by literally all of our friends and i have hundreds of pages to read about Jewish politics in the 19th century today.

well, at least angie was there to save the night from being completely lost. she has been working on completing the site for our new podcast and was really excited, so her happiness rubbed off i think.

i shouldn't take any more time to delay my studying, so wish me luck. if i finish or give up entirely later, i'll prob post a funner/more exciting post. remember that the grammys are tonight, i'm not sure if they will be good and i have actually missed them the past few years, but the police should tempt you to turn them on for at least the first 5 minutes.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

heat wave!

We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave! It is 11 degrees! I had to take off my scarf while walking home because I was just too darn hot. Dear 8 pounds 6 ounces baby Jesus, new born, not even spoken a word yet, thank you for the double digit temperature.

Yikes I was just listening to a clip of our podcast and I cannot stand listening to my voice. Speaking, singing whatever, I'd rather not hear it and that makes me worried that other people feel the same way. It's not that I have a particularly high or irritating voice, I just don't like it. I'd rather just hear it in my own head and pretend like everyone else hears it exactly the way I hear it. ugh. I guess if that's the worst problem I can think of at this moment, life's not that bad. It's just that are so many other moments in the day to think of.

Last night's Campus Ladies was hiiilarious and if you haven't caught it, please do... it was the season finale which is terribly upsetting, but it airs again on Sunday.

Dude, did you guys hear that Ozzfest 2007 is free? Cuz it is and that's ridonkulous. Regardless of your level of fan, everyone has a little place in their heart for Ozzy and I feel like I can't go through life without partaking in one all out rock fest. It would be interesting to say the least.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

everybody loves live music

i went to a concert last night at a small local venue called cafe montmartre. the local opening act was mike droho formerly of a madison band called the profits. he was enjoyable and while i liked the profits, i always wanted him to be a solo act, so i was very pleased to hear him perform solo. the other front man of the profits, john paul roney, always rubbed me the wrong way. i saw matt in the audience before the show started and was extremely pleased to find that he was the opening act. i love that madison has so many talented local artists.

the headliner of the show was joshua radin, but i bought tickets to the show to see his tour mate schuyler fisk. she is lovely and has a beautiful voice. he has music featured on grey's anatomy and the last kiss soundtrack, so as you may guess they are chill, acoustic acts. and when they sing together it's quite wonderful. i gladly purchased schuyler's ep and a tour poster. the temperature outside was -7 feels like -22, and it didn't feel much warmer inside, but that didn't stop them from playing a great show.

hopefully i will be able to upload a video and you can hear how great they sounded. here there are:

Friday, February 02, 2007


BRETT FAVRE WILL RETURN IN '07! i'm not really sure how to display in text form how excited i am that brett favre will be returning next season. i just heard the news and i'm sooo pumped. if you don't know (which is entirely unaccecptable by the way), brett favre is the quarterback for the green bay packers and he will be returning for his 17th season next fall in which he will beat soo many records. it's gonna be sweet. i love the packers and i love brett and the longer the two stay together the happier i will be. yay! it's time some good news came around. i can literally not wait.

UPDATE: If you want to be amazed...

Records within Favre's reach in 2007:

Most TD passes: 420
Dan Marino's mark will be eclipsed with seven more TD passes by Favre, who has 414.

Most passing yards: 61,361
Favre, at 57,500 yards, needs 3,862 more to surpass Marino here, a single-season total he topped each of the last three seasons.

Most passing attempts: 8,358
Favre, with 8,223 throws, needs just 136 attempts to best Marino in this category, less than one-fourth of his 600-plus season totals in the last two years.

Most wins by a starting QB: 148
Favre sits tied for second all-time at 147 with Marino, just one victory behind John Elway.

Records owned, with potential to extend:
Most consecutive starts, quarterback: 237 (257 including playoffs)
The next-longest streak for a QB belongs to Indianapolis' Peyton Manning, at 144 games (156 including playoffs) and counting. Should Favre start the first four games of 2007, he'll move into second place ahead of Minnesota center Mick Tingelhoff (240) for consecutive starts by any player, trailing only Minnesota defensive lineman Jim Marshall (270).

Most 3,000-yard passing seasons: 15
Marino ranks second on this list with 13.

Most consecutive 3,000-yard passing seasons: 15
Marino and Manning are tied for second with nine.

Most pass completions: 5,021
Favre surpassed Marino's 4,967 completions with a 21-yard pass to Carlyle Holiday in the second quarter against Detroit on Dec. 17, 2006, at Lambeau Field.

Most seasons with 30-plus TD passes: 8
Marino is a distant second here with four.

Most consecutive games with a TD pass, postseason: 16
Again, Marino is in second place with 13.

Most NFL MVP awards: 3
Six other players, the only active ones being quarterbacks Manning and Kurt Warner, have won the award twice.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

crack it open let me outta here

everything will never be ok
there'll always be some part of you in pain

i just heard some terrible news that makes my heart hurt. someone is gone and the world continues on as if nothing happened. one instant here, the next gone and so many people will never have the chance to know him. i wish i could stop the world and share my memories of him with everyone.