Friday, February 16, 2007

home sweet home

i'm at the family homestead to celebrate my mum's bday and i'm currently in the process of washing 3 tons of laundry. there is a washing machine in my apartment's basement, but i can't make myself walk outside in the freezing cold to wash my clothes in madison.

do you have netflix? i do and i'm not sure if i'm just completely oblivious to my surroundings or if netflix has stealthily added a new feature. either way, i have just realized that netflix now has a "watch now" section in which you can watch movies online! granted it is only a select few, but i was very impressed. i apparently get 18 hours of watch now time per month and although the selection is limited, i saw several titles that i haven't/want to see. so if you have netflix and like me did not yet discover this feature, rock out. you do have to download some kind of player, but it was really fast and started working right away. the only downfall i have discovered so far is that i have to use internet explorer to use the player. i have become a firefox user, so that is kind of inconvenient.

i also discovered a new podcast, well new to me, called A Way with Words. it is an NPR show. it discusses word meanings and other such grammar nerd topics. i have only listened to the latest episode, but i'm very fond of it. if you are one others call the grammar police or just like learning new nerdy things, i highly suggest it. i especially enjoy the word trio section of the show. i guess my sister called in to the show and i got the name of the podcast from my mom. it is a great cast and like i said, so nerdy and fabulous.

i have to profess my love of one more item, but i think i'll make it a new post.

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