Sunday, February 11, 2007


i have a lot to be excited about, but i'm totally bummed out. last night was a completely failed attempt at going out in which my roommate and i were ditched by literally all of our friends and i have hundreds of pages to read about Jewish politics in the 19th century today.

well, at least angie was there to save the night from being completely lost. she has been working on completing the site for our new podcast and was really excited, so her happiness rubbed off i think.

i shouldn't take any more time to delay my studying, so wish me luck. if i finish or give up entirely later, i'll prob post a funner/more exciting post. remember that the grammys are tonight, i'm not sure if they will be good and i have actually missed them the past few years, but the police should tempt you to turn them on for at least the first 5 minutes.


Piccu said...

The Police were awesome. Sting looked like he had been training for this reunion, he was buffed up.

What's this about a new podcast? Just because we have an offshoot of the BGRs with the Kaylie Cast doesn't mean you have to try and keep up.

The premise sounds pretty cool. Is it just all AI or will there be other reality shows? I hope to keep up with AI, but I am not sure Julie and Pat will so our AI discussions may not amount to anything. Guess I will have to get my stuff from you guys.


Laura said...

our cable was out and we didn't get to watch the grammys. so depressing. i am terribly upset about not seeing sting's buff body.

reality check is ai for now and other reality shows later. we are self proclaimed experts.