Friday, February 02, 2007


BRETT FAVRE WILL RETURN IN '07! i'm not really sure how to display in text form how excited i am that brett favre will be returning next season. i just heard the news and i'm sooo pumped. if you don't know (which is entirely unaccecptable by the way), brett favre is the quarterback for the green bay packers and he will be returning for his 17th season next fall in which he will beat soo many records. it's gonna be sweet. i love the packers and i love brett and the longer the two stay together the happier i will be. yay! it's time some good news came around. i can literally not wait.

UPDATE: If you want to be amazed...

Records within Favre's reach in 2007:

Most TD passes: 420
Dan Marino's mark will be eclipsed with seven more TD passes by Favre, who has 414.

Most passing yards: 61,361
Favre, at 57,500 yards, needs 3,862 more to surpass Marino here, a single-season total he topped each of the last three seasons.

Most passing attempts: 8,358
Favre, with 8,223 throws, needs just 136 attempts to best Marino in this category, less than one-fourth of his 600-plus season totals in the last two years.

Most wins by a starting QB: 148
Favre sits tied for second all-time at 147 with Marino, just one victory behind John Elway.

Records owned, with potential to extend:
Most consecutive starts, quarterback: 237 (257 including playoffs)
The next-longest streak for a QB belongs to Indianapolis' Peyton Manning, at 144 games (156 including playoffs) and counting. Should Favre start the first four games of 2007, he'll move into second place ahead of Minnesota center Mick Tingelhoff (240) for consecutive starts by any player, trailing only Minnesota defensive lineman Jim Marshall (270).

Most 3,000-yard passing seasons: 15
Marino ranks second on this list with 13.

Most consecutive 3,000-yard passing seasons: 15
Marino and Manning are tied for second with nine.

Most pass completions: 5,021
Favre surpassed Marino's 4,967 completions with a 21-yard pass to Carlyle Holiday in the second quarter against Detroit on Dec. 17, 2006, at Lambeau Field.

Most seasons with 30-plus TD passes: 8
Marino is a distant second here with four.

Most consecutive games with a TD pass, postseason: 16
Again, Marino is in second place with 13.

Most NFL MVP awards: 3
Six other players, the only active ones being quarterbacks Manning and Kurt Warner, have won the award twice.


Piccu said...

How dare you spell Brett Favre with lower case letters. Blasphemous!!!

Hope things are alright up there in the frozen tundra. I missed the podcast this week. We just finished ours and it should be up Sat night or Sun. Once again I believe we gave you all a shout out.

By the by, we are trying to have a theme show next week, well, sort of. We want listeners to email us things they love and things they loathe for Valentine's Day. Example, you love Brett Favre and explain why. Give us a holler if you find some time.

Take care.

Pilot with the Bombay Gunrunners

Laura said...

i'm quite sure the all caps first mention makes up for the lack of caps the second time, and we're close, personal friends so i'm sure he won't mind.