Wednesday, February 07, 2007

heat wave!

We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave! It is 11 degrees! I had to take off my scarf while walking home because I was just too darn hot. Dear 8 pounds 6 ounces baby Jesus, new born, not even spoken a word yet, thank you for the double digit temperature.

Yikes I was just listening to a clip of our podcast and I cannot stand listening to my voice. Speaking, singing whatever, I'd rather not hear it and that makes me worried that other people feel the same way. It's not that I have a particularly high or irritating voice, I just don't like it. I'd rather just hear it in my own head and pretend like everyone else hears it exactly the way I hear it. ugh. I guess if that's the worst problem I can think of at this moment, life's not that bad. It's just that are so many other moments in the day to think of.

Last night's Campus Ladies was hiiilarious and if you haven't caught it, please do... it was the season finale which is terribly upsetting, but it airs again on Sunday.

Dude, did you guys hear that Ozzfest 2007 is free? Cuz it is and that's ridonkulous. Regardless of your level of fan, everyone has a little place in their heart for Ozzy and I feel like I can't go through life without partaking in one all out rock fest. It would be interesting to say the least.

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Piccu said...

Don't get down about how you sound on the podcast, just take solace in the fact that the other two don't sound THAT great themselves.

It is warming here too, we are in the low 30's, so in your eye.

Ozzfest always sounds like a good idea, but I am not sure I could stand 10 hours in the sun with extreme metalheads. I had heard that they were going to take Ozzfest inside to arenas and go with 4 or 5 bands. That I would go see. I will still probably try to get tix but end up selling them on eBay. Besides I have already seen Ozzy in concert. I am waiting for Black Sabbath now.

By the way, I was kidding about that first part, you all sound fine. At least you don't sound like hicks.