Thursday, December 07, 2006

5 degrees, but feels like -13

why do i live here again? oh yeah, the cheese. it's been a while and i essentially don't want to relive the past month, so i'm not gonna tell you about it. you can make it up for yourself and it will probably be more entertaining than the real thing.

tonight there was a rockapella concert and it was awesome. almost all holiday music, but still lovely. i can't resist any concert good or bad and rockapella is always great. i'm lookin forward to a high school production of joseph this weekend that's bound to go terribly wrong. sometimes being terrible is so much more entertaining than being mediocre.

yesterday kim and i spent literally an hour going through all the christmas tv movies that were on the tivo schedule. we have 17 set to record as of now. including one starring Neil Patrick Harris and approx. 3 starring Steve Guttenberg (that's just how we do). they are just one more way to procrastinate from doing actual work, but hey it's christmas! and it's sooo cold.

pop culture shock is turning 40 next week and i want to think of something clever to do, but all these term papers are sucking all creativity and brain juices from my mind. now for more reserach, wish me luck.

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