Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Be a Pepper

Wow this week is like a whirlwind. I need to take some time to sleep at some point. American Idol last night was a total downer. It was bad bad bad. Gah, I hope we don’t see the likes of season 3 happening. Gross. It makes me wanna go back and watch the old ones to see if everyone was so terrible then too. Maybe I was blinded by the shiny package of idol. All I know for sure is that last night’s performances were terrible.

I’ve been drowning in a sea of historical readings about female moral authority in the 1870s, so if you need to know anything about that I’m your lady or female moral authority. Haha, those crazy temperance union members.

Do you remember the band Maroon5 that released an album in 2002 called Songs About Jane that was pretty awesome and unique? Have you notice that they haven’t released an album since then? Yeah, that’s five years and that’s weird, but apparently they’re droppin one on May 22 and I’m pretty pumped. I can’t say it will be great, but I’m in need of some more Adam Levine vocal goodness and the news sources say that the album, overall, will be more danceable. Nice.

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