Sunday, August 06, 2006

dreams of a full size bed on the ground

i am very sad to see my friend/roommate angie move out next week, but i think the prospect of not sleeping on a loft for the first time in three years is sooo exciting. it's only a week and a half til our two roommates move out and then it'll be just kim and i, livin like rockstars. this weekend was o to the c. (note: sorry if you didn't know, but i love me some popular phrases even if they were never in style or are no longer, such as ridin the salt truck and oh snap)

the weekend was one huge juxtaposition. last friday = the drunkest night i have ever had without combusting. it was a fabulous time and although i do remember the events of the night, i did think that some parts were from my dreams the next morning and i did wake up on the kitchen floor (with my blanket and pillow thanks to kim). the night was definately worth the psychadelic car trip to beaver dam the next day (yes, beaver dam). then i spent saturday and sunday preparing for and singing at kim's church in her home town. so many old people, so many nice people. it was nice and i love to sing and it was nice to have a little down time for my liver. we arrived back today and i took a ridiculously long nap, but it was a great nap.

such is my life during the summer, now i must consider watching ghost dog: way of the samurai again. i am in a film class and this film is the mandatory subject of our final paper. i'm not sure how i feel about it, but i must analyze some element of style by thursday. wish me luck.

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