Sunday, January 20, 2008

two jobs? son of a motherless goat!

so here i am graduated and finding myself with two job offers. neither thrill me, but it's nice to know i have options. i have to decide by tomorrow which job to go with... and almost everyone has an opinion on which to choose, except for me. wish me luck on the "making the right decision" front.

in my recent free time i've discovered how much awesome music i missed out on while being studious. my friend/roommate has gotten me stuck on her music faves (ingrid michaelson, rosie thomas, joshua radin etc), but as a lover of weezer and foo fighters it's hard to stick to soft acoustic all the time.

most recently i've found the thermals' album the body, the blood, the machine. it's got some great hooks and the theme of modern religion makes the album stick out. i enjoyed listening to it all the way through and that's my favorite kind of album, one that pieces songs together to make something more than just good songs. i think that's why i love musical soundtracks so much too... it's nice to get a story or bigger idea from a set of songs.

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