Tuesday, April 17, 2007

oh those effigies

I never thought this day would come, but it has arrived. Richard Gere has been burned in effigy (i assume that statement is not grammatically correct, but you get my drift).

It's almost too good to be true (not that I hate Gere in any way), but I always love to hear about a little angry mob action. According to Imdb.com, "angry crowds burned effigies of Gere during demonstrations yesterday morning after photographs of him embracing and kissing Shetty". It was only a kiss on the hand and then one on each cheek, but that is not acceptable in the strict conservative culture of India. I hope no harm comes to the real Gere, but burning effigies is so awesome. If I were him, I wouldn't feel ashamed, but pleased that I caused such a stir.

And in conclusion... "Edward Norton as The Hulk?!? Wha? Wha?" That's some crazy talk if I ever heard it.

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Piccu said...

I hope to discuss this on our podcast this week, but does this seem like a role that Ed Norton would ever go after? I don't understand his motivation. If he is wanting to try to make this an oscar winning portrayal of a man struggling with his "inner" demon, he needs to know that is what they tried to do in the first one. People want to see Hulk smash not Bruce Banner cry.

I will be amazed to see how they can f up my favorite super hero again.