Sunday, July 01, 2007

being an adult...

or at least thinking about being an adult, sucks so hard. i have literally looked over every job site that lists jobs in wisconsin eight thousand times and i can't even apply for jobs yet. i don't even know if i want to stay here, but i figure i should at least pay off some student loans before i venture out into the big world outside my beloved state of cheese. i am just scared about life and getting stuck in a terrible office job. oh dear me, fall semester will be my last as an undergrad and i feel ill equipped to be an adult.

thankfully i have many a distraction this summer and one of my favorites is coming up this week... and no it is not the many fireworks displays that happen around the fourth of july. it is summerfest! yay! on tuesday and thursday this week i will be lucky enough to spend many hours in what i hope to be beautiful weather, enjoying fantastic music and eating delicious food. i'm super excited to see the cat empire and scissors for lefty,they are two of the 10 bands i will purposefully watch during the two days at the festival grounds. i also love to wander around and listen to the many bands i haven't heard of. it will be a smashing time and i will report back on the festivities later this week. summerfest is like a safe haven for me and i'm glad it has arrived.

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Piccu said...

You should go see Tool on the 4th at 8 at the Marcus Amphitheater. It is an experience.

I only wish we could get something like Summerfest in Kentucky.