Saturday, July 21, 2007


i'm practically an adult and it's now time for some adult choices to be made. after i graduate this fall, i am definitely staying here in wisconsin through the lease that ends next august. but after that the ball is currently way high up in the air, so far up i can barely see it. one of my closest friends is trying to convince me to move somewhere out west and i think it may just happen. she suggested seattle, but i think i'm going to research several major cities on the west coast. if you don't know me well, i love to plan. i love to schedule things and i like knowing the answer to any question that may be asked, so any big move such as this will require tons of preparation. luckily i'm also a big nerd, so researching these cities will be a fun and educational past time. the trouble lies in the possibility of getting a good job here in the meantime and getting too comfortable with what's already in front of me. change is never easy, but sometimes necessary. i guess only time will tell.

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Chappy said...

come visit me in San Francisco. I'll totally show you around. Give you the lowdown on the city by the bay :)