Sunday, January 07, 2007

blitz smackdown

last night i went to see my sis in a short play within mercury theatre's blitz smackdown. basically blitz is an event that happens a couple times a year where plays go from page to stage in 24 hours. playwrights pick the titles out of a hat the night before, write the plays all night and turn over the script to a director in the morning. as you can guess the production is chaotic and usually in the end quite amazing. there were four plays last night, only two of which i truly enjoyed, but knowing so many of the actors made the night worthwhile. even if i didn't really like the play, their acting made it worth while, or even a few choice line deliveries.

i was just watching a couple episodes of undeclared, and if anyone hasn't experienced freaks and geeks, please i beg you to watch some. undeclared is funny/cute, but freaks and geeks is absolutely wonderful. i just love it.

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