Friday, January 12, 2007

i survived

i am back in wisconsin. i got back yesterday from my drive to nyc. on the way there i traveled with my sister anna and all of her belongings and on the way back i traveled with mi madre who flew out just to drive back with me. i sang along to the radio for so long it caused me to lose my voice. it was an adventure. on the way there there was a snow storm in pennsylvania and a detour that took us through some amish countryside. the drive was about 15 hours, and i was in nyc for approx 7 hours before we left again.

what did we do in those 7 hours? you might ask. we emptied the car full of stuff, ate dinner at the garden grill in brooklyn and took the subway to times square where we purchased tickets at the ever popular TKTS stand. they were for chicago. at the time we bought the tickets we knew that huey lewis was playing billy flynn and that is why i wanted to go. i like chicago, but i love huey lewis. we then found out that bebe neuwirth was playing roxie. this is weird since she used to play velma, the opposite leading lady. the show was good though and we were in the third row, so it was very intense. i'm glad i got to spend time with my sister and my mum, but i am now utterly exhausted.

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