Wednesday, January 24, 2007

boo beyonce

the oscar nominations were announced! i won't bore you with a list of all the nominees here, but if you haven't checked 'em out you can go here. props to jennifer hudson and eddie murphy for getting nods. also i was apparently confused about the original songs in dreamgirls because i was fearful that the only original song was sung by beyonce, but low and behold "love you i do" and "patience" are also nominated. does anyone else remember the 2005 oscars? because dear lord we do not need another oscar ceremony in which beyonce sings all of the frickin songs. never ever again do i ever need to see josh groban and beyonce sing a duet. thanks for that oscars, but i still love you.

the first week of class is, as always, pretty chaotic and exhausting. our (angie, kim and i) schedules are not concrete yet and we're also terribly busy this week, so we can't record the podcast until, at the earliest, thursday evening. i want to get back on a regular schedule, so i don't go completely insane. we're thinking wednesdays will be the new recording night. this scheduling works with all our schedules, but also works well with a new pet project of ours that we will be revealing soon. so watch out.

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