Saturday, January 20, 2007

i want a hot, rich boss

watch out, i'm about to splurge about my love of tv. you might want to stand back.

ugly betty is great. i love it more every week and i am now officially in love with daniel (eric mabius). daniel is ever so dreamy and i would gladly work for such a hot boss. i'm not sure if the show will impress everyone, but for me (a college girl) it's fabulous. i think my love extends from my appreciation of the supporting cast including mark and amanda who are equally fantastic. i have to say that i am not at all excited to have rebecca romign on the show, but i think my love for the show will overpower my hate of the stupidest women in america (who dumps john stamos? no one.) after winning the golden globe for both show and actress, i hope i don't have to worry about the show's future, well at least not yet.

another tv show that rocks just started up again. it's PSYCH! a crime comedy on USA, which in itself is kind of questionable, but who can resist an awesome, ridiculous buddy comedy. it has been compared to scrubs, but i think it can definitely stand on it's own. james roday and dule hill are a wonderful crime solving team and the psych out section of the psych website is worth checking out. james roday's facial expressions are priceless and although it is no longer available the i'll make love to you psych out might have been the most entertaining video clip ever created. it's silly, it's goofy and i love it.

and i can't write about awesome tv without mentioning the premiere of american idol. i must say i'm pretty darn excited. the episodes before hollywood are very painful, but they are still terribly entertaining. i am disappointed at the ratio of bad to good (way too many bad), but i think the producers want to catch some new viewers by using the concept of schadenfreude (spelling?). i was pleased with very few, but the siblings malakar caught my eye. although the sister, shyamali did not have a fabulous voice, she was enjoyable and the brother, sanjaya, was too cute. i'm glad both made it to hollywood and i would like to throw it out there that sanjaya made me think of will makar. will makar was on the last season of american idol and was the 13th contestant cut. if he had made it one more week, he would have been in the tour etc. my roommate loves will makar, so i know much about him. including the fact that brett favre, the greatest quarterback of all time, is one of his heroes. will makar is the pic on the left, sanjaya on the right. american idol rocks my world. i can't wait for hollywood week.

and for your viewing pleasure, the weirdest and most disturbing pregnancy test commercial in the world. projectile pee? i just want to know how someone pitched this idea.

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