Monday, January 08, 2007

scary movies

i don't think my friends would ever guess i'm afraid of "scary" movies like scream and a select number of creepy lifetime movies (ie Robin Cook's Acceptable Risk, lol jk), but i am absolutely freaked out by the slightest scary music. it's amazing. one masterfully placed line of music can make my skin crawl. even the trailer for texas chainsaw massacre: the beginnings before the snakes on a plane dvd made me freak out. (oh and if you haven't seen SoaP check it out, it's so bad, it's good) some scary movies are too creepy, but i enjoy getting that thrill from select scary movies. for the scarier kind daylight is required and i always require a comedy buffer around any scary film. i like to watch scary movies, but in order to forget the looming serial killer outside my window i have to watch an episode of something really hilarious like the simpsons or lighthearted like friends before heading of to my dark and suddenly terrifying bedroom. most scary movies are not cinematic masterpieces, but most are so bad they're good. or have the creepiest music ever created.

i keep seeing trailers for the hitcher starring sean bean, which is apparently a remake of a 1986 horror film of the same name and dang it looks frightening. i love sean bean. i saw him about six years ago on on the stage in london as macbeth and he was amazing (and he's the ever dreamy boromir in lotr). but he sure looks scary in the trailers which got me thinking about my love/hate relationship with scary movies. some would disregard the genre, but i appreciate them good and bad.

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