Tuesday, January 30, 2007

miss america? i think not.

last night i went to sleep at 9 and got up today at 9. that's ruff. i was tired? i guess or maybe i was sedated from the hour and a half i watched of the miss america pageant. i didn't really watch the whole time, i read my book until they announced the talent competition (which is the only good part according to me). the best talent was the tap dancer, all the singers blew extremely hard (and sang along to midi sounding back tracks) and the pianist had some kind of back track that played along with her. overall, i regret taking the 20 minutes of my life to consume such "entertainment". i don't know who won and i don't care, but when the tap dancer is the best you know the competition is weak. i mean tap dancing is amazing, but if you're a single act, it's usually not your first choice unless you are absolutely amazing (she was not). so there it is, the harsh realities of the miss america pageant talent or lack there of. all i have to say is "boo".

UPDATE: If you care at all... Miss Oklahoma won (she was the least frightening singer), Miss Texas got 1st runner up (not surprising, she was in your face excited and also sang), and Miss Georgia got 2nd runner up (the tap dancer).

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